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Vettel says relationship with Hamilton is damaged

"It's not the same because I messed up," Vettel says

Sebastian Vettel admits his relationship with Lewis Hamilton is "not the same" after their clash in Baku.
The German twice collided with his title rival behind the Safety Car in the Azerbaijan GP, the second time deliberately driving into the leading Mercedes as he gesticulated with Hamilton.
Their championship battle had been respectful up until that moment but Hamilton labelled Vettel's actions as "disgusting" and "disgraceful".

Second handshake declined by rivals

Following qualifying for the Austrian GP, interviewer Davide Valsecchi encourages Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton to shake hands for a second time, but the pair decline the offer.

Could the tensions ease up or will things between the pair remain drifted.. Let us know what your thoughts are on the situation by tweeting us @FinalSector.

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