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F1 Gossip - Sky F1's Martin Brundle expects to see McLaren with a Mercedes engine next year

Sky F1's Martin Brundle expects to see McLaren with a Mercedes engine next year if they can
“I believe if they can organise a divorce with Honda then they will run a Mercedes engine next year," Brundle said.
“But it does look quite handy around here considering Christian Horner described it as one of the top three power sensitive circuits. I’m not sure we saw the [Spec Three engine] leaping about too much when it was tried in Baku but clearly they like the look of it.
“This is the fourth year with Honda plus the development time. Maybe they are just starting to get it together. You can understand why Sauber are interested, they’ve got a second-hand Ferrari engine at the moment so it makes sense, certainly financially.
“McLaren have fallen to such a bad position, last in the championship, that they can’t keep just going on in case it gets better. They need to find a solution. It’s all very well talking about the money Honda brings to them but they’re losing all their Formula 1 money and losing sponsors while not gaining new sponsors.
"And they’ve got to find the cost of running Fernando Alonso.

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